Workshops and tours 2015


All internships in Ozarks CRAFT include monthly field trips to six of the CRAFT farms. All farms arrange for their interns to participate fully in each field trip. The itinerary for each CRAFT Day is as follows:

  • a talk or workshop on a specific topic/activity that is an important element of a sustainable farm (e.g. farm equipment, soil fertility, livestock care, business planning.)
  • a pot-luck lunch
  • a farm tour/field-walk
  • a work project or group activity

This year, we expect to host 8 workshops with a farm tour, one each month from March through October.   Specific dates will be set by the end of February, and will be posted here ASAP.  Topics to be covered include:

-Pruning and grafting fruit trees.  usually held in February on Millsap Farm, this is a perennial favorite, with hands on learning and practice in pruning fruit trees.  New this year, we’ll be doing some grafting.

-Soil health and fertility management.  Come unlock the secrets of the soil with us, as we explore tilth, fertilization, mulching, cover cropping, and the science behind these practices.  We’ll tour a diverse farm to experience the interaction of animals, vegetables, and soil health.

Healthy soil makes for healthy food

-Marketing for farmers.  We’ll hear from farmers who are very accomplished at the art of selling their product, at Farmers Markets, CSA’s, Grocery stores, farm stands, restuarants, etc.   We’ll tour a farm where the farmers have explored a multitude of different marketing channels.

going to market

-Tractor and small engine safety and operation basics.  The farmers teaching this one has operated and maintained a number of different tractors and heavy equipment.  We’ll cover basic safety considerations, plus how to use various attachments including front loaders, tillers, plows, etc., on two and four wheeled tractors.   Participants will have the opportunity to start and operate a tractor, weather permitting.  This farm tour will be held on a farm with heavy tractor usage.

spreading compost

-Weed and pest management, including integrated pest management, mechanical weed cultivation, and mulching.  We’ll tour a farm where straw mulch, black plastic mulch, mechanical cultivation, and Integrated Pest Management are in use.

rows of beets

-Farm budgeting and Production planning,  Including how to anticipate expenses and income, while planning what to grow or raise, and when.

-Grazing and Pastures,  Come learn about the joys and benefits of raising animals on grass.  tour a farm utilizing management intensive grazing.

chickens on pasture

2 Responses to Workshops and tours 2015

  1. TJ Lindsey says:

    I am very interested in learning about the one day workshops and as intern information. Thank you for organizing this.

  2. farmercurtis says:

    There is a workshop this week, check it out!

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