Terrell Creek Farm

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Terrell Creek Farm, LLC is a small farmstead goat cheese dairy owned and operated by Lesley and Barry Million. Located 25 miles east of Springfield, MO, our 50-acre family farm is nestled in the heart of the Ozark Hills and is bathed in the beauty of nature.

It is our appreciation of this beauty that inspires us and guides our every decision and practice here at Terrell Creek Farm. We employ sustainable organic methods in caring for our land, our animals, and in producing our artisan cheeses. We are very particular in the management of our herd. They have unlimited access to fresh artesian spring water and year-round access to pasture and browse. We use a rotational grazing system to promote the health of our land as well as to offer the most nutritious forage for out goats. Our herd is also supplemented with local hay, organic minerals and herbs, and our own custom blend of organic grains.

TCF spring 12 002As a result, our healthy and happy “girls” produce pure fresh milk that reflects the distinctiveness of the Ozark Hill region. These subtle local flavors carry over into our handcrafted artisan cheeses.

It is our mission to produce world-class cheeses while employing environmentally sustainable and humane practices for the well-being and happiness of our goats and health of our land. In keeping with our beliefs, we are proud to be Animal Welfare Approved.Terrell Creek Black Pearl

We are currently seeking two full time intern for the 2014 season. This involves working alongside us in the daily operation and running of our farm. This internship will run for at least 3 months, and possibly up to a year if agreed upon by both us and the intern. Experience and education in the following areas will be a part of this internship:

2014-01-21 12.20.33Animal care; including feeding, watering, minor veterinary care, hoof trimming, assisting in the birthing process, stall or shelter cleaning, etc.
Dairying; including milking, cleaning and sanitizing the dairy, taking milk samples, transferring milk, etc.
Construction and tractor work; to possibly include fencing, construction of a creamery addition or Quonset hut, pasture renovation, animal housing, cutting firewood, etc.
Marketing; selling at farmer’s markets, dealing directly with customers, making deliveries, etc.
Cheese making; additional education and experience in the cheese make room may be provided if the intern is interested and is able to master other aspects of the daily operations at Terrell Creek Farm

2013-04-07 17.50.55Work on a farm is never done, even though we work long hard days. It is important to learn to complete chores in an efficient manner while also paying attention to detail. The motto of the postal service has nothing on us farmers! Our animals RELY on us to care for them and milk them no matter what the weather conditions are or how we feel on a particular day. It is hard work, but there are rewards that few people ever experience (like a kiss from a special goat who has chosen YOU as her favorite person, or helping to bring new life into the world).

In exchange for 60 hours of work per week (some late nights and early mornings during kidding!), the intern will receive hands-on education in all of the areas listed above, room and board, a $200 monthly stipend, and if desired, a chance to create and develop a complementary enterprise on our farm (such as beekeeping or pastured poultry).

2014-02-08 19.12.16Living accommodations will be in the loft of our passive solar home. A separate bathroom and a shared kitchen are provided. Because of the open floor plan of our home, quiet hours are from 10 pm – 6 am. All food and meals will be provided and cooking and cleaning duties will be a shared responsibility (A separate area for your private food can be provided if desired).goat nap

Lesley & Barry Million

Terrell Creek Farm, LLC
Fordland, MO



Ryan who interned with Terrell Creek had this to say,

My time at Terrell Creek Farm was both immensely enjoyable and thoroughly educational.  They are fantastic and generous hosts.  Their home is a beautiful and open place, with a cave creek and woods that exemplify the best the Ozarks have to offer.  Accommodations within their beautiful and unique home are incredible.  The internship experience was fantastic as well.  Their goat herd is so gentle, intelligent, and fun, and all their facilities are top notch.  I could not have asked for a better introduction to raising goats.  Leslie and Barry are so knowledgeable when it comes to humane, organic goat care, and are both happy to share that knowledge.  Milking is an amazing daily experience, and helping to kid baby goats is one of the most sensational and awe inspiring experience of my lifetime.  The cheese making experience is unforgettable as well.  I got into this internship because I loved the Terrell Creek products so much, and learning to make them was one of the most rewarding aspects of my time there.  They taught me to make incredible cheeses like chevre, feta, blue, and gouda cheese, as well as encouraging me to choose an intern project cheese, and helping me to create a new and amazing brie.  I loved my time on this farm and encourage anyone considering an internship here to follow through on it.

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