Long Creek Herb Farm

We are Jim Long & Josh Young and have been farming in this location for 34 years. We specialize in growing herbs, both culinary and medicinal, around 300 varieties, and trial unusual and rare herbs ^ vegetables. Our garden is around 1/3 acre, packed full, and includes muscadines, 4 varieties of figs, & berries. Jim writes about the crops for various magazines. We don’t sell at farmers markets nor CSA, what we produce we eat of give away. Our primary income is from our website/catalog business, selling Jim’s books and herb formulas.

Work includes bed cleaning, planting, maintenance, harvesting and pruning. Our focus is primarily on food crops – (why garden if you can’t eat=
what you grow?) therefore learning to cook the produce is offered, as well. We have goats and chickens and instruction on caring for those can be a part of the learning experience, along with cheese-making, bread baking, etc. We are located approximately 25 miles south of Branson, MO on the Missouri-Arkansas state line. Table Rock Lake is within walking distance.

Housing is a 2 room guesthouse in the garden with bathroom, kitchen, porches & Wi-Fi. We furnish food for the intern and he or she should be able to prepare their own breakfast and lunch. Occasionally we all share dinner in the evening.
Offering $300 per month stipend plus housing and food in exchange for 5 days work a week for 2 months, although the time is negotiable. Contact us with questions or other information atLongcreekherbs@yahoo.com

Click on this link to follow my garden adventures; I’d be honored if you’d click the “Follow this blog” button if you like what you see: http://jimlongsgarden.blogspot.com

Long Creek Herb Farm
P. O. Box 127, Blue Eye, MO 65611
Website: LongCreekHerbs.com

Potential intern should have a strong interest in herbs and cooking as that is the primary focus of our farm.

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