Gateway farms

Gate way Farms is dedicated to restoring the diverse skills, and heritage values of the independent commercial farm.
Our goal is the restoration of an independent, regional food supply system in all its aspects, and training all those who want to farm.
Five acres are being prepared for instruction in bio dynamic farming methods, along with small fruit and nut orchards (assimina, malus, castenea, and prunus), including a solar-powered, gravity irrigation system (and first-class swimming hole)!
We have a depth of instructional experience for all common, and unusual, crops that can be developed for market.
Galen Chadwick project manager, is a master gardener with significant agricultural patent(s) in liquid drilling and natural (indigenous), plant-based pesticides. Demonstration Greenhouse(s) are now being built. Additionally,we have an ongoing small fowl and rabbit husbandry on the farm, vermiculture,and look to expand soon into beekeeping.

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  1. joy price says:

    where is it?

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