Foundation Farm, Eureka Springs AR

Foundation Farm was founded in 2006, following 10 years of experimentation in various forms of organic vegetable growing methods.  It was yet another step towards developing a professional and sustainable farm, a farm which would allow a family to live happily and sustain itself given today’s economical demands.
More can be learned about the driving forces behind the farm in the Farm Philosophy page of the website .
Many of the farming methods used at the farm are extensions of gardening techniques fine-tuned for a small scale, commercial farm.  FF is within a 10 acre pasture, of which only five acres are dedicated to farming.  The actual surface cultivated is barely one acre, the other 4 acres being needed for access, buffer zones and other areas (production shed, living area).  We are located in Northwest Arkansas, 10 miles North of a very picturesque town called 

no-till vegetables at Foundation Farm

Eureka Springs.

what sort of work you would expect to have interns doing, including hours, physical requirements, and opportunities.
usual farm field tasks: the work is gentle but sustained.  we work 3 mornings a week (mo/we/fr) and have lunch together.  the rest of the time is up to you (do your own farming, get a part time job in eureka, play the flute, etc…).  we do not use any machine nor of course any chemicals as we are a certified organic farm.  the crew is a changing mix of volunteers, workers, short and long term interns. interns can become paid workers after 4 weeks in training. the farm is certified organic and is 100% no-till from the get-go.  it also has four hoop-houses for year-round production.
a small summer cabin for 2, a summer kitchen with fridge, an outdoor shower and a compost toilet are the amenities available. interns can choose to set up a tent on the farm (a large tent is available).

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