Farm of Hard Rocks

The Farm of Hard Rocks is a 24 acre non-certified farm north of
Springfield on Hwy AA, with a variety of specialties to choose from.
We have a complete high tunnel kit which needs to be built and used
for season extension
We have blueberries on the farm and would like to expand our fruit production.
We raise chickens for eggs, and have incubation equipment.
We have extensive apiary equipment along with a certified honey house
for production.
There are opportunities for water quality management and irrigation
to supply cattle, and/or a 6000 sq. ft. market garden which utilizes
season extension, some raised beds, along with cover cropping.
There is an existing greenhouse for seed propagation in the Spring.

Interns, ideally, would focus on one aspect of the farm for the entire
growing season to enhance their education.
Apprentices would learn along-side with the farm manager for day-to
day operations in order to see the over-all picture of farming.

Seeds and propagation begins in February and runs through May
Fruit maintenance and production begins in April and runs through June/July
Chickens are a year-round business but breeding is best from April – September.
Beekeeping begins in February and runs through early Fall, but does
not require daily maintenance. Persons interested in beekeeping will
need to be able to lift 60 pounds, endure heat, and sign liability
waivers. You should also take the 6-week beginners course offered
beginning in January.
Vegetable gardening begins March 15 and continues until the end of October.
Water quality management is also a Spring through Fall season,
although not full time work.

Compensation is negotiable depending on the amount of commitment required.
We are hoping to give interns a place to use what they have learned in
school, test new ideas, and teach us a thing or two.
Leah Bonebrake

3 Responses to Farm of Hard Rocks

  1. Leah Bonebrake says:

    I would like to edit this to remove the off-property housing as it is no longer livable and is about to be removed. Thanks, Leah

  2. farmercurtis says:

    Just fill out application, will fwd to the farms you are interested in. They will call you if they are able to host you
    Check out host farms on our ozark craft page, then apply

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