Circle B Ranch


We are Circle B Ranch, a Certified Humanely Raised and Handled and Animal Welfare Approved Berkshire hog farm. We have 90 acres in the beautiful Ozarks where we breed, farrow and raise all our own hogs and maintain their habitat as close to natural as possible. We are looking for an intern for a minimum of 6 months, up to a year if available. Below is our outline of duties/tasks that will need to be performed on a daily basis. They may change due to weather and emergencies but it is a general outline. We would be working about 50 hours a week. The days can be long and hard but are extremely rewarding!br />20140304-213728.jpg

Animal husbandry
This is the most important aspect of our farm. We take the welfare of all of our animals seriously and everything we do in the day to day operations, are for them.
We will feed the hogs and pigs twice a day. At this time we will inspect them for any injuries and overall health. If needed, administer medication and vet if necessary. Quarantine if and when necessary in the infirmary. Be able to handle larger breeding stock and move them to breeding paddocks and move bred sows to farrowing paddocks. Monitor farrowing and inspect piglets overall health. Castrate boar within 7 days. Wean piglets from sow between 8-10 weeks, weather depending. Load market hogs and transport to processor. Cull market and breed stock when necessary- this happens rarely but is something that may have to be done. Treat all animals with respect, love and attention.

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Infrastructure Installation and Maintenance
We are expanding and so is our operation. We will be installing new underground water lines and buried concrete waterers. Repair and replace hydrants as needed. Drain and clean waterers and adjust float valves when needed. Fabricate and repair hog housing/range huts and farrowing huts. Clean huts and distribute hay and straw when necessary. Inspect and repair all fencing, hotwire, field mesh and barbed wire. We do have an ongoing fencing protect that will restart in the spring that will expand our number of paddocks for rotational grazing.
Equipment Maintenance and Repair
Next to our animals, we treat our equipment with the utmost respect; there have been days without the proper tool, the job would have never gotten done. We will maintain and repair all equipment utilized on the farm. Which will include general maintenance and light repairs of all tractors, vehicles and implements.
General Grounds and Pasture Up Keep
We will mow and bush hog the paddocks and property when needed. Grade, seed and fertilize the hog paddocks, grade paths and lanes when necessary. Restore washouts and eroded areas and weed whack under fences when necessary.
Building and Housekeeping
General building maintenance of roofing, gutters, doors and leaders. Maintain a clean workshop, garage and dispose of trash.
Marketing and Farmers Markets
When and if needed, take pictures of hogs in various activities. Help with inventory, loading and unloading trailers and attending Farmers Markets.
Living Space and Compensation
In exchange for all of your hard work you will get a hands on education and the ability to have first hand knowledge of free range hog farm. We run a very efficient farm.We have a studio apartment on the property that is equipped with a small kitchen- refrigerator, stove, microwave and coffee pot- bathroom with a stand-up shower, queen size bed, couch and TV and cable. There is also a washer and dryer in the garage next to the studio apartment. You will receive a monthly stipend based on skill and knowledge level and experience. We are not offering meals but will provided a weekly grocery box including pork/meat. When Marina is cooking, which is often, all of those delicious meals will be included.

If you would like to have your own small garden, you are more than welcome! We are even open to someone starting a beekeeping operation or cut flowers on the farm.

We will be performing a background check on anyone that will be working on our farm.

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