Bechard Family Farm

Apprenticeship noun – is a system of training a new generation of practitioners of a structured competency based set of skills

Armand & Teddi Bechard established Bechard Family Farm in 2000. As small family farm, we raise natural meats and other products that are offered for sale to the consumer. With a focus on natural, local, and going back to the basics, our farm is ripe for the harvesting of hands-on knowledge and work experience.

We are opening opportunities for you to come work and learn along side us. We are looking for commitment, a hard work ethic, cheerfulness, respect and attention to the well being of the animals. Full-time residential, and part-time non-residential internships are available for all skill levels. The focus of your apprenticeship can be custom tailored to suit your needs and interests. We are taking applications and interviews now for 3 month internships commencing March 2012 and ending in November. A stipend will be established.

ongoing pursuits:

Grass fed Beef: Management Intensive Grazing (rotational grazing) and animal care.

Grass fed Lamb

Naturally raised Pork

Pasture raised Chicken: Moving the pens each morning, feeding and watering. The chicken is butchered here on our farm; learning to butcher is another opportunity available on select dates.

Pasture raised Turkey: this is a fall project similar to the chicken, but more attentive care is needed in the earlier stages. Turkey poults are purchased in early August.

Pasture raised Eggs: Moving the pens each morning, feeding and watering. Gathering eggs, washing, sorting, weighing and packaging is also involved in preparation for sale.

Milking cows: If this interests you, you can learn about the finer details that go into dairy production. All from providing the best grass to the dairy cows, managing their pasture, milking them, bottling milk, sanitary facilities, to butter and cheese making.

Soap Making: Teddi has been making soap for 20 years, has a successful business, and has taught classes to many beginners, as well as producing an instructional DVD.


Nutrition and meal preparation

Website maintenance and email Newsletter updates.

Business and personal relation skills

Preparation for farmer’s market

You will have opportunities to learn from what we already know, offer new ideas, ask questions, and help with improvements. A work day will include assisting with the daily chores, as well as other projects such as: sheep shearing, putting up hay, preparing a mobile chicken pen, building nesting boxes, putting up hay, planting or maintaining the garden, setting up electric fence in the pastures, putting up hay, problem solving and much more.

Please see our website to familiarize yourself with our farm and practices. We look forward to having you out to the farm for an interview once we have reviewed your application.

Bechard Family Farm is a Christian based business. We speak openly about God and our faith.
Outside of regular chores and emergencies, Sunday is reserved for rest and worship.

Armand & Teddi Bechard
13700 Athens Rd
Conway, MO 65632

Bringing in the hay 2012

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