Bear Creek Farms

Bear Creek Farms is located in a rural area east of Osceola, MO (Population 850). We raise cattle and have 15 acres of Certified Organic vegetable fields. We do not do farmers markets, except for some plant sales, but instead sell our produce wholesale to Whole Foods Markets, Door to Door Organics, Mama Jeans Natural Markets, and various other retailers.

We have a bunkhouse  with two bedrooms and a shared Kitchen/bath. Everyone eats lunch together in the kitchen, but other meals are on your own. You are welcome to all the vegetables you can possibly eat. We try to make sure weekends are mostly free time, though occasionally we have a show or a must pick situation. There are several lakes in the area for swimming, lots of hiking areas, horses to ride, and we are 60 miles from Springfield and 100 miles from Kansas City.

We pay a stipend of $400/month to apprentices/interns. We hope interns/apprentices will learn a lot about farming, have fun, enjoy the work done here and the great vegetables produced, enjoy meeting people and come away with a sense of accomplishment and the confidence to run their own successful farms.

We’d like a commitment to at least October 1, but ideally November 1. We are looking for just 1 intern.

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  1. farmercurtis says:

    Check out host farms on our ozark craft page, then apply

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