Become a host farm

If you run a sustainable local farm or ranch, and are interested in joining us in educating the future farmers of the Ozarks, please take the time to e-mail us and let us know how you would like to help.

We primarily need two things; the first is people willing to assist or teach in hands-on workshops which will be held each month from April to October on area farms.  This help could be helping teach, bringing extra tools or equipment,  helping prepare lunch, or hosting a workshop on your farm.   If this is interesting to you, check out the page describing the workshops we intend to offer this season, and see if any of them are particularly up your alley.

The second thing we need, which is really more critical to the overall success of this endeavor, as it is the heart of it, is host farms for interns.  These interns are people who want to explore local sustainable agriculture from the inside, by volunteering on a local farm.  We have people looking for part-time internships, such as a day or two a week, and we have some who are looking to spend at least 6 month living a working on a farm.  If you only want to have a part-timer, then let us know how much time you would host, and which days are better for you.   If you are willing to host a full-time, live-in intern, then by all means let us know that.  Either way, please take the time to create a farm profile.  Include the following information;

farm name and one paragraph description

what sort of work you would expect to have interns doing, including hours, physical requirements, and opportunities.

How you plan to compensate interns (for examples, see Millsap Farm’s listing on the host farm page. Also include housing if you are offering residential internships.

Length of internship (this could be as short as a couple of months in the summer, to a one year commitment)

Any other important considerations.

e-mail this description to   farm at

We’ll get back to you with any questions, and post it on this site ASAP.


volunteer crew helping assemble high tunnel, 2010


8 Responses to Become a host farm

  1. Alan Scarrow says:

    We would be interested in interns starting in the late spring of 2011.

  2. Alan Scarrow says:

    Ozarks Natural Foods is a 120 acre USDA certified organic farm located 6 miles east of Springfield on Farm Road 227. We have Grassfed Angus beef, Berkshire pork, pastured poultry, 78 raised bed gardens and a 30′ x 90′ high tunnel. We sell direct to consumers via individual sale and local farmers’ markets. We have one full time employee for the gardens, poultry and hogs and one part time employee for the cattle. We have a 60′ metal barn and retail space with a walk in freezer and refrigerator. Interns could use the metal barn for temporary living as there is plumbing and electricity but no air conditioning. We would be looking for interns starting around mid-April through early October.

  3. Holly Torres says:

    we are looking to buy an acreage and looking to do sustainable organic gardening, poultry, and orchard. How could we start in when we relocate to the area???

  4. I would be interested in hosting or housing as intern for the 2015 season. I do have a bedroom partial living space and a cooking area for guest. It would be part time so the guest would need transportation if they wanted to leave our remote farm in south west Mo. They might like to get another part time job. We garden and have hoop house. We do Farmers Markets in Webb City, Mo.

    • farmercurtis says:

      Please check this out if you are interested check out other host farm profile and then submit your farms information

      • Marla Bird says:

        Birdhouse Farm, a Biodynamic endeavor of 15 years, is happy to host, teach and co-create here, there… everywhere. We are 70 acres of mostly old Ozark Forest in Mark Twain National Forest on the Barren Fork Creek in Isabella, Mo. with 10 acres in production from the garden and wildcrafting throughout the year – it never stops. We are partially off the grid… No indoor plumbing and hardly horse high and hog tight. There are lovely trails and a great swimming hole and the teachings of this land are epic.
        Negotiable week stays, exchanging simple vegan food and shelter for farm labor ranging from taping trees (syrup) and building bee boxes in the winter – inoculating mushroom logs in early spring or general farm labor all year long. Lots of live music, creativity, yoga and play all day too.
        Find out a bit more about us from our site/blog
        Marla Bird

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