Wood-fired Cobb Oven Building Workshop

We are excited to announce the pizza oven building workshop.  Many of you have asked about the ovens we use each week to cook our fabulous pizzas in, and we have finally scheduled a workshop to teach how to build one of these from scratch.

We will gather at Kurt and Laura Caddy’s farm near Walnut Grove, at 9a.m. Saturday, September 19th, and sift soil, stomp mud, chop straw, mix cob, lay bricks, and generally have a really good time, while learning how to build an oven from the base to finish.  The Caddys will supply a delicious lunch, and we’ll keep at it until the oven is finished.   Past participants of this workshop, which we did last year on Urban Roots Farm, said they found it very helpful, and at least one family went home and completed an oven that month.

We will be using Kiko Denzer’s book, “Build Your Own Earth Oven” as our guide, and we’ll go through design considerations, step by step building, and basics on oven operation.

The Workshop costs $25/person, including lunch.  RSVP to millsapfarms@gmail.com, and we’ll e-mail back directions.

If you need more info, or have questions, feel free to e-mail or call 839-0847.


Curtis Millsap

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1 Response to Wood-fired Cobb Oven Building Workshop

  1. Kurt Caddy says:

    Looking forward to it!

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