Happy Hallow Farm is looking for interns

Happy Hollow Farm, LLC

General Description: Happy Hollow Farm is nestled among the rolling hills along the Missouri River. Specific attention is paid to mulching, soil health, beneficial insects & irrigation as the primary source of water is a pond located above the growing fields. In addition to vegetables, numerous fruit tree varieties are now in their sixth year of growth and will be offered to the CSA membership in the years to come. New strawberry & asparagus plantings were also established in 2014. Happy Hollow Farm CSA is increasing our membership to 100 families for the 2015 growing season. Each membership receives a box of seasonal produce every week during the 24 week Summer growing season (mid-May thru the mid-October) and 6 week Winter season (October thru December). Happy Hollow Farm also sells year round at the Columbia Farmers Market in Columbia, MO. Liz prides herself on having a close relationship with her CSA members and the many neighbors and friends that all play a huge role in helping the CSA to be one of the most reputable & largest certified organic CSA farms in the Mid-Missouri area.

Internship Starts: April 1
Internship Ends: October 31
Number of Interns: 2
App Deadline: Applications will be accepted until all positions have been filled
Minimum Length of Stay: 7 Months

Meals: One lunch each week (probably on Thurs.) will be potluck style and shared with all people on the farm that day.

Skills Desired: When hiring interns/apprentices farming experience is definitely not the first thing I look for; what I do want are a willingness to work very hard, learn what I have to teach and all the while enjoy what you’re doing! Most people figure out very quickly that they aren’t happy doing the physical work if farming is not truly their own shared long term goal.

Educational Opportunities: Scheduled class time: As this is an apprenticeship there will be a one hour scheduled class time every other week and a book about farming that will be used as a semi-textbook (the farm will provide the book). We will also plan to visit a number of other farms (meat, dairy & vegetable) that are in the area during the months that you are here working.

Stipend: Stipend/Housing/ Food: All housing expenses are provided, $400/month living stipend, 1 Single CSA Share ($575 value), 1 Egg Share ($150 value), 7 months of intense on the job training (invaluable).

Housing: Housing will be provided (within walking distance of the farm).

Preferred method Of Contact: e-mail

Internship Details: My goal with providing an apprenticeship opportunity is to teach as much as I know about all aspects of farming… from greenhouse work, in the field planting & weeding, planning/scheduling/organizing, bugs & diseases, equipment repair & maintenance, construction skills (when applicable), animal husbandry (laying hens & pigs) and everything else in between. While simultaneously working, working, working (in all weather) and having fun and enjoying the work while we do it. As an apprentice you will play an integral role in the daily operation of all aspects of the farm. Please look over the specifics below and let me know if you are still interested in pursuing an apprenticeship position at Happy Hollow Farm.

Happy Hollow Farm, LLC

17199 Happy Hollow Road
Jamestown, MO 65046

Contact: Liz Graznak

Phone: [Home] 660-849-2430
[Cell] 573-268-6394

Email: lizgraznak@happyhollowfarm-mo.com

Website: http://www.happyhollowfarm-mo.com

Last Updated: 01-06-2015

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