Our Newest Host Farm is Green Gate Family Farm

GGFF 4 GGFF 3 GGFF 2 GGFF 1Green Gate Family Farm LLC was incorporated in 2010 and Certified Organic in May 2014.  We are a 67 acre diversified farm, utilizing roughly 6 acres for the sustainable production of perennial and annual vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, herbs, and humanely raised eggs.  With field, high tunnel, and greenhouse production, we employ a diversified range of sustainable farming practices to ensure we are building a healthy ecosystem on the farm including: conservation agriculture, farmscaping, trap cropping, permacultre, cover cropping, livestock integration, and wholisitc orcharding.  Our farm products are sold at farmers markets and restaurants in Springfield and the Kansas City area.  We also sell Organic transplants wholesale to Whole Foods.

We are entering our 5th year of farming commercially and are still developing an efficient and profitable farm system.  This will be a lifelong process!  In the coming years we will be expanding more and more to meet the financial needs of the farmers and the farm.  Last year was the first time we hired off-farm labor.  It was essential to being able to complete farm tasks on-time.  As an intern, we would be able to pay you an hourly and offer excess produce, as well as pass along the knowledge of farming we have gained over the years. Unfortunately we do not currently have on-farm housing for interns, so depending on where you are coming from we can come up with a schedule that fits your needs.  Just like most small farms there is no lack of work and we are usually out working from morning to night especially in the main growing season March-November. While working on a small farm has its rewards, it also has its challenges some of the big ones: working in 90+ weather, blisters, heavy lifting, spending hours weeding, planting, harvesting, bent over and/or on your hands and knees.  These are things we would expect interns to be able to handle.  If marketing is something you are interested, you can help us selling at farmers markets.  Finally, if you are good at building websites and social media this is an area you can help with too.

Our ideal intern would spend the entire season with us (March-November), but we are open to making arrangements for as short as a week or two.  Like our farm, our internship program is also evolving and if you are interesting in farming with us, we are open and flexible to making it work.

Website: www.greengatefamilyfarm.com

Phone: Katie Nixon 816-809-5074 and Ken Barber 304-807-0336

Email: greengatefamilyfarm@gmail.com

Address: RR 71 Box 1168 Wheatland, Mo 65779

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